You guys, we have some EPIC news (can’t believe we get to say that in 2020)!

MyGlamm and POPxo Are Coming Together To Create A Beautiful Future For YOU!

MyGlamm, India’s fastest-growing direct-to-consumer beauty brand, has acquired POPxo, India’s largest community for women. Together, we are creating a powerhouse, the largest content, community, and commerce company in South Asia, which means that your (and our) life is about to get a whole lot better!

Post the acquisition, I have joined the board and leadership team as Co-Founder, MyGlamm. This is a big and very exciting moment for me!

If you’re trying to gauge the sheer magnitude of this news, let me help you with some numbers that will blow your mind (you might need to sit down for a bit). Collectively, MyGlamm and POPxo represent a community of over 50 million women, have produced and sold millions of beauty products across makeup, skincare, and personal care categories and have over 45,000 influencers on their platforms. They are here to build the future of beauty together, to really listen to you and give you what you want–entertainment, the best of beauty products, and endless love and support.

If you’re wondering what this means for your beloved POPxo, don’t fret! We’ve been here for you for the last six years and that’s not changing at all. We will continue to create engaging beauty, lifestyle and fashion content for you. We will continue to use memes to deal with every major life event and we will continue to figure out this whole adulting thing with you! We love hanging out with you but now we’ll also make our way through the wonderful, fascinating world of beauty together.   

The POPxo vision has always been to build a content-community-commerce destination for women in India. With MyGlamm, we have found a powerful partner with proven strengths in producing and selling beauty products at scale. Together we will leverage the power of content to meaningfully engage with and truly listen to our users to co-create products that you really want.

Darpan Sanghvi, Founder & CEO of MyGlamm, explains that it’s all about supporting women in every sphere of their lives. “With this acquisition, MyGlamm will further be able to connect with the millennial women, reach uncharted geographies, and work with POPxo in identifying emerging consumer needs and consumption patterns to co-create tomorrow’s beauty trends,” he says.

For our community, which has been our greatest strength, this means non-stop rewards and even more awesome experiences. For us, it means more ways to show how much we love you. Win-win!

If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, we’d have been out celebrating this iconic moment. But staying safe is more important, so we’re just doing a socially distanced pizza party at home (with wine, of course)! Join us?

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