Like the best of things, the Pakistani show at LFW was put together after a very casual conversation between us and IMG-Reliance. They asked us if we could bring Pakistani designers to Lakme Fashion Week; we contacted Zahraa Saifullah, the CEO of Hello! Pakistan and a POPxo Style Council member. Very quickly her team recommended a few names and they were given the green light. POPxo worked hand in hand with the Hello! Pakistan team and the designers put up a fantastic show.

These four designers (Zara Shahjahan, Faiza Samee, Sania Maskatiya and Rizwan Beyg) represent Pakistani fashion with the diversity of their design aesthetic. From truck art inspired designs to soft florals and from intricate traditional hand embroidery to modern prints, the show aims to provide a glimpse into the fashion industry in Pakistan today. We hope that the show at LFW<> will be the beginning of a constructive, inspiring conversation between the Indian and Pakistani fashion fraternities, which will benefit consumers in both nations. is a six-month old content website for women. We provide engaging, fun and useful content for women. Our audience is highly targeted; this is something that brands love. We work with top-tier companies across the board to market their product to our audience.

Our team at POPxo grew very organically. It’s purely coincidental that there are no men on the team yet. We are primarily a lifestyle website for women; if the right person for the role happens to be a man we would unreservedly hire him!