This pandemic has changed so much! The usual manic Mondays, catching up with your colleagues, office gossip, pranks, rushing in and out of meetings, we miss those days now, don’t we? Work from home has become the ‘new normal’. Like it or not, video calls and pyjamas have become our new best friends. While it can be tempting to fall into a pattern of being relaxed and working in your sweatpants, prolonged WFH comes with its own side effects. Your days can become a blur without any distinction between weekdays and weekends.

So, what is the work from home decorum, really? How do you maintain a sense of normalcy while working from home? I, for one, am all for dressing up while working from home because it gives you a sense of time and discipline. The bonus is that you’ll always be ready for those impromptu video calls and that lends an air of professionalism to your work life. That’s why when Marks & Spencer rolled out the work from home contest, I along with team POPxo  participated in the contest and we came up with some really interesting work from home looks. Here are a few of the looks that are actually a perfect mix of comfortable and chic.

Anyone who knows me knows that my go-to style staple is an oversized Marks & Spencer blazer, paired with slouchy denim and a white crop top. The team tells me I aced my#RethinkWFHwithMandS look. What do you think? Lockdown dressing done right?

In any case I believe reusing your wardrobe staples should be your fashion mantra, not just during the lockdown, but otherwise too. Even when all of this is over, we should continue to make responsible fashion choices. To that end, having a closet full of a streamlined selection of staples will help you mix and match your looks for years to come. That’s honestly how I do it.

For this next look, I paired my fave blazer with denim cut-offs and a tailored shirt, keeping it equal parts fun and classy or so I hope!

Power dressing helps motivate me to keep my energy high throughout the day. That’s something I really need if I have to play captain of the ship with grit and grace! For this look, I chose to wear crisp white trousers with my striped holiday kaftan, paired with a pastel blazer from Marks & Spencer.

What did you think of all the looks? Did you take a shine to this twist on lockdown dressing? Trust me dressing the part will make an immense difference to your overall motivation levels – I know this first hand. Let’s rethink WFH with #MarksandSpencerIndia in style!