I marvel at how many amazing things new media like Instagram has made possible. For example, I could be in London and chat LIVE with someone very special. Newly minted Investor & Brand Ambassador of MyGlamm – the beautiful Shraddha Kapoor joined me in discussing all things beauty and so much more. She’s got a lovely, easygoing vibe and that made our conversation even more enjoyable. Here’s some of the key things I took away from our chat and look forward to the many more conversations we already have planned.

Incorporate cruelty free beauty products in your routine.
Shraddha spoke about adopting a cleaner lifestyle in general. From taking to yoga to becoming a vegetarian, she emphasized looking at it in a holistic way. She’s much happier using cruelty free products. Not having that guilt makes her sleep better at night and we at MyGlamm can totally relate! 

Be comfortable in your own skin
You glow differently when you are 100% yourself. Besides, trying to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.

Quick and easy makeup routine
For someone who has the best Make Up Artists at her disposal, we were curious about Shraddha’s own routine. For a simple outing like a cup of coffee, she said she’d put on some kajal (hard-relate), amp up her lashes with mascara and put on some lip balm. Legit no-fuss and easy to follow!

Always moisturize your face!
Shraddha emphasized on moisturizing being an essential part of her routine and can we get an Amen to that?! This simple step will keep your skin looking soft and supple for years to come. She also spoke about washing her face with face wash, then lathering on an oil or cream and doing a face-mask once in a while as part of her routine.

Good skin is not only about skincare
Once again golden words by Shraddha who spoke about the importance of drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, taking care of your mental health and doing yoga apart from a skincare routine that works for you. 

Makeup can uplift your mood!
Who doesn’t have fun playing with makeup? Shraddha said she loves dolling up too! Just a simple act of putting on Kajal makes so much of a difference in simply feeling ready, right?

It’s not a sin to indulge
Shraddha confessed to being a foodie and loving Indian sweets in particular. She definitely has her favourite desserts/chaat once in a while but makes sure to compensate with a good workout. The main thing to remember is that we shouldn’t constantly deprive ourselves. It’s as important to give in to our craving as it is to learn to curb them at times – it’s all about balance!

Never pick on your pimples
That’s beauty advice she would give to her younger self and honestly – wish someone would have told me that too! So anyone reading this who picks on their pimples – please for heaven’s sake leave them alone. They will go away on their own! 

Don’t go to bed with your makeup on
If your face is going red while reading this, you know what habit you need to change STAT! It’s the worst thing you can do to your skin as make up clogs pores if left on your skin overnight. Shraddha is particular about taking her makeup off before bed and you should be too!