Plixxo, the influencer marketing platform by POPxo, has concluded its first campaign with Cadbury with an impressive number of participation of 168 bloggers, 183 college ambassadors, over 100 Instagram influencers and insiders, collectively achieving a reach of 1,040,578 social media users.

The success of this campaign illustrates the value of influencers in India to brands. Plixxo was a response to the clarion call from our influencers. We had a great kickstart with Cadbury and we are very happy with the outcome. We welcome more exciting campaigns from brands, now that we have tested the waters.

Plixxo is open to all female and male influencers including Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram influencers and Twitterati across categories like fashion, beauty, travel, decor, tech, food, parenting etc and aims to onboard 10,000 influencers in the next six months.

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