The Good Glamm Group is excited to announce its International division along with consolidation of the overall group structure.

Alongside the formation of the Good Brands Co, Good Media Co, and Good Creator Co, the Good Glamm Group announced its Global Division with plans to expand to the Middle East and Southeast Asia with an international revenue target of $150 million for the Group’s brands over the next 3 years. The Good Glamm Group has also earmarked INR 100 crore for its international foray.

The formation of three divisions reflects the group’s ‘content-creator-commerce strategy’. Core functions are being integrated between the various companies within each of the three divisions which has led to efficiencies through removal of role duplications and allows for each division to be independent with the back-ends being centralized. 

We have come a long way in such a short time! Super excited to build the Good Glamm Group as a global DTC house of brands, powered by content and creators!