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If you search for a common thread with which we close out things here at POPxo, you’ll find that it’s gratitude. We are looking back at 2018 oh-so-fondly. It taught us the lessons that it needed to teach us and gave us hope to start afresh in the New Year. We had some precious firsts like ‘Unmarried’ – our first web series and we launched POPxo Shop, another venture very close to our hearts. Another huge change we experienced was moving to our Gurgaon office and opening our Mumbai office (city of dreams, indeed). And how can we forget? We went viral and how! 2 billion video views! Yes, I can’t wrap my head around that figure either. 225 million page views and 36 billion social media impressions. My fingers tingle as I type that out! We created 1200 videos, 14K articles and 10K natives. We created like we’ve never created before and that’s pretty much how we’ll remember 2018 – the year that was all sorts of magical for Team POPxo. Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! Wish you a beautiful year ahead with love and laughter and courage to pursue every dream.