Stating it simply, I’ve never seen anything quite like it in our country. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the world quite a bit, so that’s really saying something. I’m talking about the MyGlamm Experience Store in Maximum City, Mumbai – an avant garde beauty destination where beauty enthusiasts can hang out with their squad, take makeup selfies, try on products, shoot beauty videos, attend masterclasses, and get makeovers! An enchanting destination to spend the weekend at with your girl squad.

The MyGlamm Experience Store Is Every Makeup Lover’s Haven. Let me take you on a little virtual tour.

Stairway To Heaven

The experience stairway is one of the most photogenic spaces in the store. The mirror ceiling, soft yellow lighting, and gold stairs make for the perfect background to click amazing pictures. Yes, we kept all aesthetic considerations in mind, deliberately.

One of our favourite corners at the MyGlamm Experience Store is The Glamm Wall. In hues of white and pink, this floral wall serves as a great background to click stunning pictures. To add to the experience you can even sit on our swings and pose away with our giant makeup props!

The MyGlammXO Secret Lab

You must be a MyGlammXO insider or Beauty Creator to enter this room. If you are already one, you will have special access to visit the secret lab, work on co-creating beauty products. Over here, you will get complete freedom to mix, match and create new shades and formulas and give high-value feedback. This is my personal favourite spot in the whole space since I’m a sucker for customization and all things enchantingly secretive.

The Gifting Station

Beauty products make the perfect gifts to give loved ones. I, for one, know I’ve never been happier than when I am receiving gifts of the beauty kind! At the Gifting Station, you can get your products wrapped with a wrapper of your choice. Just sit back, relax, and be spoilt for choice.

Private Content Booth

In my opinion, the most well thought out space in the entire store. Shooting videos and going live on the ‘Gram require quiet spaces, great lighting and aesthetic backgrounds. We at MyGlamm wish to help you create cleaner and better content for your followers by shooting in our Private Content Booth. Keeping in mind our customer’s love for creating informative and engaging content, we have two content booths at the store equipped with the latest technology and adjustable lighting settings. Seriously, what more could you ask for?!

The Glamm Zone

If you’re looking for a one-on-one consultation with our MyGlamm Beauty Experts, make your way to The Glamm Zone. You can seek consultations and guidance from our Beauty Experts and technicians. Such a great idea! Knowledge is power at the end of the day. Not to mention, you can also test your makeup looks in a variety of light settings here.

The Glamm Stage

The Glamm Stage is situated right next to The Glamm Wall. It’s a place where we host masterclasses with MyGlammXO Insiders and Beauty Creators digitally pan India. Get a chance to meet and attend masterclasses from some of Bollywood’s most prominent makeup artists. Share your name and phone number with our staff, and we’ll keep posted on all our upcoming events and masterclasses. Teaching and sharing knowledge is a personal passion of mine and I’m so happy with our initiative of making beauty accessible through spaces like these!

Thank you for taking a digital tour with me around The MyGlamm Experience Store. Definitely go ahead and check it out. I bet you’ll enjoy the best customer service and shopping experience here. Don’t forget to let me know if you loved the same corners I do!