60 Million Users

13 Million Fans On Facebook

3.4 Million YouTube Subscribers

1 Power Packed Year

2019 exceeded all expectations and that’s saying something since we almost always expect way too much from ourselves here at POPxo. To start off, our statistics are off the charts with 60 million users across platforms. These are numbers one can only hope and pray for! We’ve hit 13 million fans on Facebook, 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube, 840K followers on Instagram. We are very conscientious and data driven as a company so these numbers mean a lot to us. We also went viral with 2.2 billion video views, 275 million page views, and 50 billion social media impressions. Still wrapping my head around this!

2019 has been kind to say the very least. We simply cannot end the year without acknowledging the consolidated team effort of 170 POPxo Rock Stars! It might be a clichéd saying but I have to honestly add – teamwork really does make the dream work! They flawlessly executed 154 awesome brand campaigns, which is no mean feat. In 2019, we created 1000 videos, 15k articles and 26k natives – all of which helped grow our platform to where it is today. We also went from content to content + commerce and launched 500 fabulous products! This was one of my personal highlights of the year. To think that 2.2 million users spent 100K fun hours on POPxo Shop feels so thrilling and makes the future something to look forward to even more. We put the fun back in beauty by launching our own range of beauty products, which was an extremely gratifying experience. May our own hard work continue to inspire us to push ourselves even in the New Year. And here’s wishing you – our wonderful readers – a very happy and prosperous New Year!  May you chase every dream with renewed fervour and may the stars align for them to come true. Have a super 2020!