I had the privilege of attending the Christian Dior Couture presentation at the iconic Gateway of India in Mumbai.
Apart from the the stunning spectacle that the guests were treated to, the event was a masterclass in branding and business development.

↗️ Revenue Boost

The sales for Dior India most definitely shot up as many of the 500 or so attendees ended up purchasing from the botiques in Delhi and Mumbai. Not only that – the sales team and sales assitants were strategic not only in curating the guest list to “Friends of Dior” – rightfully celebrating clients who were consistent in their patronage but also ensuring that the attendees were given full styling guidance.

🌟🇮🇳Brand India Perception Uplift

India as a luxury consumer market has come of age. This collaboration of the House of Dior and Chanakya International rightfully transformed the perception of Indian craftspersons from being unsung and silent service providers to lauded partners. It also gave Dior a first mover advantage.

💸Additional Revenue Spillover

And of course, as International celebrities and guests were flown in – hotels were sold out and all the ancilliary service providers from makeup artists to stylists and beyond were heavily engaged. The economic overspill of mega events is significant.

⏳Timing it Right

Aligning the timing with the launch of the #nitamukeshambaniculturalcenter – was a well thought out move – the social calender for this weekend is buzzing for celebrites and guests.

👀Traffic and Engagement

Given the celebrity quotient, for digital media platforms at The Good Glamm GroupPOPxo | Good Glamm Group MissMalini Entertainment | A Good Creator Co. ScoopWhoop | Good Glamm Group such events are an engagement bonanza, with social media and editorial teams working hard to grab eyeballs with speedy coverage all weekend long.
It will be interesting to see how the other international brands respond. Christian Dior Couture has created a playbook for courting the Indian luxury consumer.