It’s just been 2 years?! So much has happened!

From a team of 7, we are now 47 strong (and counting). Each person adds value, expertise, and their own magical energy as they come aboard our rocket ship of an enterprise.

From no office, we have 5000+ sq. feet in office space. In Delhi’s happening Hauz Khas Village no less. A stone’s throw away from some awesome eateries, bars and many great indie brands, we are especially proud of our space just simply for how reflective it is of our personality as a brand.

From 50,000 unique visitors a month to 3 million+, and millions more reached across hyper-engaged social platforms. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

From working with a handful of brands to dealing with over a 100. It has been an absolute honour to collaborate with some of the best brands in the country across sectors already!

New verticals (Hindi and Wedding), New teams (Video and Influencer), an awesome app, a fully functional in-house product and tech function…Phew, we can barely catch our breath enough to say…

“Here’s to many more milestones…#POPxoTurns2”

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