Hello all you young, gorgeous, aspiring stars! When I started POPxo, I knew in my heart that I would always do things in a democratic way. It won’t ever be the same lot of people getting all the opportunities. So I get very excited when I get a chance to throw open our doors to you. You are already part of our community, so why not come work alongside us? Besides, your favourite digital destination is a great place to be seen right?

We at POPxo are looking for articulate, expressive, camera-happy, photogenic stars in the making! The ones who are selected will anchor our fashion, hair and makeup videos, DIYs and tutorials. They will also star in our fun features about relationships, work, dating – everything it means to be a young woman today!

The POPxo Star Hunt is YOUR chance to shine

The winners of the competition will sign a contract with us and feature in two POPxo videos. How cool is that?!

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Choose the category that best fits you: fashion, makeup, hair, fitness or comedy

2. Take a 1-minute video of yourself, doing a fashion /hair /makeup hack or just goofing around.

3. WhatsApp your video to us or email us at videostar@popxo.com

How we’ll judge your video entry:

1. Personality – we are looking for vivacious, bubbly, confident women!

2. You should be a great public speaker and definitely NOT camera shy

3. Hair and makeup skills are key, if you are applying for those categories

4. The quality of your video counts!

Some tips for you:

1. Check out the POPxo YouTube channel for inspiration

2. No slang or obscenities please!

3. Try to stick to the 1-minute time-limit of the video

4. Each person is allowed a maximum of 2 entries in the competition

5. Only quality, high-res videos will be considered. No hazy, shaky videos please!

Waiting with bated breath, and barely contained excitement to officially find the next POPxo Video Star!