25 Billion Impressions on Social Media

1.4 Billion Video Views Across Platforms

190 Million Page Views on Website & App

1 Remarkable Year of Intense Growth

2017 was some year! It brought massive change and upheaval at POPxo – I would not have said so at the time – but now I am glad it did. We achieved a lot in a year – growing 8x, and quadrupling revenue.

The team was doubled, we welcomed our CxO level senior hires – and I discovered the joy of delegation (without micro-management!).

It is my unique privilege to be part of something so staggering – we reach hundreds of millions of people every month.

In 2017 alone, our team grew from 70 to 132, we added new verticals for fashion, beauty and wedding, re-launched POPxo Hindi, launched our weekly, shoppable digital magazine, hosted LoveFest (and the second edition of BigFabFest) and smashed many, many targets then set some new ones and smashed them too!

I am so grateful for everything 2017 taught me – for all the experiences – the good, the difficult and the terrifying. I am grateful to my mentors and advisors – I don’t know what I would have done without them. POPxo would be nothing without the amazing people who power it. They create magic. All I can say is thank you, without you all it just would not have been possible. I am truly blessed with an awesome team.

2018 is going to be stupendous. We are absolutely going to smash our targets, projections and timelines! Keep reading, watching, sharing and hanging out with POPxo – we have lots more exciting stuff planned in 2018!!! Happy, Happy New Year!